Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunday Afternoon

Almost two weeks ago, I got added as Host to a Facebook event: 

Susan Plett's Tea Party.

I didn't know I was having a tea party, but as I read the invitation I realized that my daughter was having a tea party, for me, for my birthday.  Here's how the invite read:

Join me in celebrating my mom's 40th birthday! ...again.

I usually don't throw her a birthday party but I figure, considering she has more friends than I do, why not?!

"WHEN is this wonderful tea party taking place, so I may clear my calendar?" You may ask..
"June 12!" I will tell you!
Sunday, June 12, 2016
1:00pm - 4:00pm
@ our house

Please eat lunch before you come.
As it is a tea party, there will be tea and tea- treats ☕️

"What do I need to bring, besides my beautiful self?"
Wow. Just full of good questions today.
BYOT- that's right. Bring your own teacup. Or mug. Whichever.
Wear clothes that would allow you to participate in activities.
Bring your game face- you're gonna need it.
⭐️Don't worry, if you break a sweat it won't be from physical activity, it will be from intense concentration. If you cry, it will be from laughter⭐️
As far as presents go, your presence is a present! But if you really feel the need to bring one, that's okay. I'd recommend birthday cards, or handmade presents. Please nothing over $20.
Them's the rules.

Be There Or Be Square!
Get it? Because you won't be...


What a lovely lovely day.  I actually wasn't going to blog about it because a) I like to err on the side of caution where my daughter's privacy is concerned, as she is an introvert and I am ....not ... and b) I didn't invite everyone I've ever met, or even everyone I wanted to, and I didn't want anyone's feelings to be hurt.

But as it has been several decades since anyone has thrown me a birthday party, I just couldn't not say anything.  There was a cake pop cake (A's advice re making cake pops:  "Go to Starbucks, and buy them!"), an ice cream sundae bar, a photo booth, a rousing game of Minute-To-Win-It, and friends from every different scattered part of my life, all under the same roof, being their kind and generous and funny and intelligent selves.  There were glitter helium balloons.  How do you make glitter balloons?  You put glitter in the balloons before you blow them up, ie you spend a lot of time doing it.  There was ice water with teeny tiny round ice cubes with raspberries in them.  I am so blown away and blessed and delighted by the time and effort my gracious graceful incredible grown up girl put into this afternoon for me.

Some unexpected gifts, that I don't think she could have foreseen:

1.  Two weeks of anticipation, of looking forward to a relaxed afternoon with friends. (with a little "roll this Oreo down your face" thrown in for added spice)

2.  A reason to use my mother's lovely fancy teacups.  I don't think A even knew they existed.  They've been in a box in my closet for years because I didn't know what to do with them or how to display them. My favourite when I was a little girl was one on three tiny legs ...

3.  A morning in the kitchen together before I went to work for a few hours before the party, working together to get some things ready.  (She did 98.5% of the work.  I made devilled eggs because a) she likes them and b) I wanted to use my mom's devilled egg plate to serve them on.)

So I want to say this once again:

Thank you, all you dear and wonderful people I am privileged to be friends with.  You are warm and kind and I loved watching you all interact with each other, whether you knew each other or not.  You're the best kind of people and I'm privileged to have you in my life.  Thank you all for coming to share my day, even though I've been largely MIA in most of your lives due to school and work.

And thank you from the bottom of my heart, A, for a truly wonderful, well-planned and executed day.  When you and B were little, one of my favourite things on earth was to lie in bed the night after one of your birthday parties, remembering the look on your face and knowing that whatever else may be true, I'd made a good birthday happen.  I hope you felt like that Sunday night, because Sunday you gave me one of my best birthdays ever.