Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Things I Did Today. You may notice a shift.

1. Woke up dreading the day. 

2.  Stayed in bed staring at the ceiling until my mother phoned and asked if she'd woken me up.

3. Had a short, pointed conversation with my mother in which I may have used the phrase "I have repeatedly reminded you that I rarely have time to talk in the morning."

4.  Drove to the school I park at for free.

5.  Caught the bus without having to run.

6. Wrote an exam in which I used the phrase "This may be what social feminists are referring to when they talk about the structural violence inherent in a patriarchal system."

7. Took time out of my exam to memorize that sentence so I could poke fun at myself later.

8.  Mused about the difference between *exchanging* ideas and *parroting* ideas.

9.  Sat in the sun till I was freezing, muttering about the temperature.

10.  Went to my second class and found out it was cancelled.  As I wrote a midterm for that class that was gobsmackingly awful earlier this week, I was relieved the class was cancelled because that gives me five more days to forgive the prof for a frankly "two by four to the side of the head" blindsiding. (I'd rant but I'm in a happy place)

11. Went to my third class where I fell in love with Shakespeare's sonnets.

12.  Seriously.  There is both a maturity and a melancholy to Shakespeare's sonnets that just isn't there in Spenser's sonnets.

13.  Wandered to the bus stop in the sunshine with my head full of iambic pentameter and angst.

And now I'm going to go watch my son play hockey and read about Rogers Theory of ...well I don't know, I haven't read it yet.

It's a lucky life.

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