Friday, October 30, 2015

The one with the flicker

Here's a flicker:

Point #1.  I had never seen flickers until we moved into our current house, and they started showing up at the birdfeeders.  They're large-ish birds, and they have brightly coloured under-wings that flash beauty when they fly.  They're one of my favourite birds.

Point #2. I haven't seen one in a long time because I haven't filled the birdfeeders lately.

Point #3.  Today I was sitting at my kitchen table eating lunch and trying to slow down my breathing in an attempt to calm myself before going to write a final exam in my online course.  While I knew that I was panicking needlessly, I was nevertheless panicking.

A movement on the deck caught my eye.  There was a flicker hopping around on my back deck, fluttering its wings now and then, and just generally hanging about.

Point #4.  Jesus loves me.

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