Thursday, September 03, 2015

She's still got a bit of feist

Stopped by my Mom's for an hour or so today.  Sometimes we run out of things to talk about but today we were on a roll.  Somehow we ended up talking about music, and I looked up a few songs on YouTube.  Her two favourites?

Little Blue Man, by Betty Johnson


Diamonds, by Hawk Nelson.

I wish I'd video'd her rocking to Hawk.  Even so, I doubt I'll forget it any time soon.  Picture a wizened little old lady, grey hair, no teeth, totally bedridden, moving whatever body parts still move (mostly her head and arms) in time to the beat at the beginning of that song.  Made my week.

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Laura L. said...

Hi Susan,
I am the Editor of a free Christian magazine in Calgary called Kolbe Times: Faith, Arts and Justice. We distribute 20,000 free copies of each issue to churches, coffee shops, retreat centres, businesses, post secondary institutions, doctor's offices, etc. We always have a Poetry section, and I am constantly on the look-out for local poets to feature. I came across your poem "There Should Be A Word" and I just love it. I'd really like to include it in our fall issue. Would that be alright? We could also include a short bio of yourself, and any links to a website, blog, etc. that you'd care to include. Let me know what you think. God bless you, Susan! Regards, Laura Locke, Editor, Kolbe Times