Friday, April 03, 2015

The Almost-Lost Kindle and the New-to-Me Tires

A few things happened recently that delighted me, and made me thank God.  That can be a tricky road to start down, that seeing God in every little thing that happens, good or bad, and I'm not here to do that.  There's just been two events lately that made me thankful, and I want to share them.

1.  The Almost-Lost Kindle
     There are, in this universe, people who rarely lose things.  People who always know where their keys and their glasses and their good pens are, because after they use these things, they put them where they belong.
I am not one of those people.
I have a Kindle that I dearly love because a) it has made me read sequentially and I feel like I'm a more respectful reader if I read a book in the order it was written b) Kindle books cost less than paper books c) Kindle books take up less space than paper books and d) Kindle books weigh less than paper books.  I am an enthusiastic reader, and late last week I realized that my Kindle was not in any of the places I expected it to be.  When I was downstairs, I assumed it was upstairs, and vice versa.  I finally got tired of reading back issues of writing magazines to fall asleep to and looked both upstairs and downstairs, but did not find my Kindle.  It wasn't in my van, either, or any of the various bags that are "totally now my official school bag.".
When I got to work that evening, I started sort of half-heartedly looking through the stack of bins we at the post office use to shlep mail about, and found my Kindle, about 8 bins down, miraculously unscathed.
An hour and a half later, I watched in amazed thankfulness as the fellow who came to pick up the outgoing mail stopped at the stack of bins and said "Oh I need some of these" and took the top twelve or so bins.
It would have been lost forever.  There's no identifying information in or on it, and there's no way of knowing where that bin would have ended up before someone found a Kindle in one of them.

2. Tires
   The van needed new tires.  Badly.  Apparently something can happen to tires that I don't understand, and they become "separated" and the something and the something else aren't something, and then your vehicle wobbles at high speeds.  As the situation gets worse, the vehicle wobbles pretty much anytime you're in motion, and that means that the time to get new tires was Last Week.  And maybe you are waiting for pay day to get the tires, so on the very first day of the month, when your friend texts and asks you what you're doing that day, you say "I am going to find new tires for my van if it kills me" and you privately shudder because you don't know exactly how much new tires will cost but it's going to be in the Many Hundreds, and you don't really have that much money to spare.  (I have switched tenses and all sorts of bad things to switch here but I am not fixing it). And then what might happen is that your friend will say "hey how about we sell you the all-seasons that we can't use any more because the new vehicle is the wrong size and the old vehicle has been the victim of a car crash?". You might say "How much?" and "what size?" and then maybe you and your friend will embark on a "finding the right numbers on a tire" learning curve and EVENTUALLY - you will have new tires for one and a half hundreds of dollars, including mounting and balancing.
And I don't know if I can say God made that happen, but I absolutely can say Thank you God that it did.


Colleen Taylor McCubbin said...

Yes, I think you can say that God made all of those things happen. Hallelujah!

Carolyn said...

And I second that motion - Carried!
If He knows when a sparrow falls...ah, don't ya think He's well aware of your NEEDS too? Smile ...'cuz I am.