Saturday, March 14, 2015

Look! A New Post!

Sorry for the long silence.  I just couldn't figure out how to follow up that last one.

And then Friday the 13th happened. 

Now I realize Friday the 13th isn't really a thing, just like turning 40 isn't bad luck, either, but I clearly remember my father's 40th birthday.  He came in the house laughing so hard his false teeth were loose and he was holding the stick shift from the car in his hand.  The one that should have been attached to the car, but had just broken off in his hand, and when he finally stopped laughing it took him half a hour to recite the list of things that had gone wrong on his 40th birthday.

Friday was a day much like that.  I'll try to list things in order.

1.  I took the dog on the school run, and she needed to pee before we got home.  I stopped in a parking lot to let her do her thing on the grass and as I was walking around to the passenger side of the van to get her and her leash, she jumped up and managed to lock the vehicle.  The vehicle was running.  Inside my vehicle were:  the dog, my purse, my phone and my jacket.  I borrowed a phone from a stranger and called pretty much the only number I could remember.  Brad couldn't bring me his van key because he was at work with no vehicle.

2. I heated up a meat pie in the microwave for my lunch, but put it loose in the box instead of in the bowl it was supposed to go in, and ate meat pie ooze for lunch.

3.  I realized that I had done entirely the Wrong Thing on an assignment for my online course.  It was too late to change it.

4.  I did the right thing on the next part of the assignment but I just typed it into the "post to forum" window and then the internet ate it, so I had to do it again.

5.  I was late for work.

6. The computer at work froze mid-sale so I had to log out and log back in again.

7.  A customer spent twenty five minutes trying to bargain a cheaper rate for Xpress Post to Montreal.  I'm all for getting a deal, but twenty five minutes, dude? 

8. A lady got intensely furious with me for asking her to "please line up behind the sign.  It's a privacy issue."

9.  I finally had time for a wee knitting break, and discovered I had left my pattern at home.

10.  I did not balance when I cashed out.  (I think this was due to #6)

11. I got home from work to find out my online assignment had been marked - and I'd gotten the lowest mark I've gotten since I started back to school.

So maybe I don't believe in Friday the 13th, but I think it believes in me!

The seriously awesome part of the whole thing was that by about Event #6, I was finding it funny, and I continued to find it funny.  Even the low mark (which, truthfully, wasn't that low, it's just my lowest to date) didn't bother me and there are certainly days when it would have.

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Carolyn said...

Ahhh...I've been missing your posts! This was mostly funny, and I get how it might make people think 13 is unluckly, if you believe in that sort of thing, but you handled it really well! I love '13', it's always been a great number for me. In other countries 13 is NOT unlucky! Weird eh.