Sunday, December 21, 2014

If I wrote this in a story, nobody would buy in to it ...

A few days ago, I opened the trunk I've carried around with me since I left home for boarding school at the ripe old age of 16.  I was looking for notes or a syllabus or something that might give me a chance at not taking Yet Another Introduction to (some kind of) Literature course.  I found no hint that I had ever taken an English course, but I did find Systematic Theology notes, and a big ol' stack of journals, dating back to maybe 1974? earlier?

I picked one up at random and started reading.  One little story from Grade Ten has been following me around for a few days - a story about when a boy in my grade teased me about something, just normal kidding around kind of teasing, and how that made me feel.  "Like I wasn't ugly.  Like I was just an ordinary person who you could act normal with, or even someone beautiful like Jane Doe."  (I'm paraphrasing. I 'm not going to go dig the thing out again.  And her name wasn't Jane Doe. I changed it, because her real name is a) unusual and b) going to come up again in this story.)  For the life of me, I could not remember one single solitary thing about Jane Doe, but apparently she was beautiful.

So today, just as the post office was closing, someone came running in wanting to pick up a parcel at the last minute.  I checked her id - Jane Doe.  Not really Jane Doe - the same unusual name I had read in my 1976 journal not three days before.  I looked at her and decided to ask the question.  "Did you grow up in Selkirk?" I asked.  She had.  She was born in the same year I was (I had to ask because she is still much better looking than I am!)

She was, unaccountably, the same Jane Doe, and there is no way on earth I would have remembered her at all if I hadn't written her name down thirty-eight years ago.

So of course I had to tell her the story, and then I had to come home and write it down because - wow.


Kathy Mackel said...

My goodness -- what an encounter/

Anonymous said...

If we really learn to listen to those tiny, tiny nudges we get inside of us, amazing things like this would begin to happen "often" ...and I mean "often"! I've begun to listen and 'do' something with them, and it is amazing what we begin to notice in life. My goodness is right!...why, you'd even begin to believe we might be spiritual or something, eh!