Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Still true

I wrote this many years ago - at least ten! - but it's still true, Bradley Mark David Plett, and don't you ever forget it.


Plan a love poem.  Find paper and a pen.
Go back to the beginning, to easy
high school days, long talks in the lingering
light, a snowball fight through an open door.
Evenings in the library, forgetting
math and physics, so you can teach me all
that again, unaware you'll find your own
excuse to bring your books to my table.

Collage two decades of mountain picnics,
backpacks, road trips, bright prairie Christmases,
mortgages, burnt toast and babies, new jobs,
old friends, hospital beds, gravesides – all, all
tempered, enhanced, by your companionship -
you, hero, of this small, satisfied life.