Wednesday, January 22, 2014

oh right, I have a blog

I know some of you have been looking here to see how Brad's surgery went, but he wanted to be the one to send the update and I didn't want to steal his thunder.  Or, you know, say stuff he wanted to say before he said it.  He mailed out an update yesterday so I'm all clear.

Surgery went well.  Our buddy Bill stayed with me at the hospital all day, and he stepped out at one point so I could scare ten years off his life, because when he came back I was on my cell phone and I had tears streaming down my face.  I managed to give him a thumb's up, so his heart would start beating again, and when I got off the phone I was able to tell him the reasons I was crying were:

1.  All tumours removed from Brad's liver.

2. No unexpected tumours in Brad's liver.

3. No need for a second surgery in 4-6 weeks.

4.  The surgeon assured me that Brad was, at that moment, in recovery and "stable as a rock."

This last was particularly pleasing because after the colon removal surgery, Brad was NOT stable as a rock in recovery.  He was wobbly as a kayak, and they couldn't get him to remember to breathe.  I prefer the part about the ROCK.

He was in the hospital for eight days, and he came home last night and went to sleep.  Last I saw him he was still asleep, although I do hear noises like someone is showering, and he's the only other one home, so I'm pretty sure there's some food prep on my immediate horizon.  His pain is manageable, his incision is really really long but nowhere near as angry-looking as the last one, and all in all, it's just been easier.



C&M said...

PRAIDSE THE LORD...our prayers continue to be answered!!! Now...take it one moment at a time and relax, rejoice, recover, rejoice, breathe, rejoice again, and I say, rejoice! ALL of us are only give one day at a time, right! May our God bless each of you immensely. Hugs all around!

Marcia Laycock said...

Wonderful news! But I'll keep praying. Would really love to have coffee soon. Or maybe brunch at Cora's? ;)