Monday, December 16, 2013

So this might happen

You might have a really good few days, so good that you are tempted to think you're good now, it's all just going to get better from here.  (You might have forgotten the cyclical nature of progress in all healing, especially emotional.)

And a morning might come when you take your son to school and drive home, sitting in your garage with the car running and you cannot for the life of you work out a reason to move from where you are, because self-loathing has the upper hand.  You might be staring at your phone trying to form words for a SOS text  to your psychologist.

The phone you are staring at might ring.

It might be one of your dearest friends, asking if you need help with getting ready for Christmas any day this week, what with all that's going on in your life right now, and would right now work?

And just like that, you might remember that God loves you, and you matter, and He's got your back, and He's not the only one.

You know who you are.  Thank you for listening to the promptings this morning.


joyce harback said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

Susan, let God work through me. my home phone number is 403-993-1351. Night or day I will be there for you. Unconditionally. I give you my word.

Annie xoxo

Anonymous said...

THOSE "moments" (and that is all they are - moments - can take or make a life)...BUT you MUST choose, and I KNOW that you KNOW what the BEST choice is. When we can't seem to make that choice ourselves, GOD does step in and helps, believe me!!! And I'm SO glad He did for you. There is a LIFE for you, today and tomorrow, and He loves you, WE ALL love you, and you WILL get through all this because of HIS GREAT LOVE! Reach out and grab it, every time! C :)