Sunday, November 10, 2013

Well that was nice

Remember all those soccer snack rants I had over the years? About how they already had to find all their gear - yes, well, you can look them up. Suffice it to say I was not a fan of the Soccer Snack Schedule.

And then B made a quadrant hockey team, and there's a cooler full of snacks for energy-building during period breaks. And someone (you, the parent) needs to fill the cooler. 8 liters of chocolate milk, for starters. (also fruit and granola bars and a few other things) In a rare moment of pre-preparedness, I bought the chocolate milk on Thursday, tucked it in the fridge and completely forgot to mention to A that the chocolate milk was spoken for.

Which led to my getting up early this morning to go buy more chocolate milk for the cooler that is going on the bus to Red Deer. Brad and I are driving in time for the game, and I was dismayed to see it had snowed last night. I drove home from the grocery store psyching myself up for snow shovelling but when I got home ...

The neighbours across the street had shovelled my driveway and my sidewalk.

So naturally, I burst into tears.

Thank you, delightful neighbours. I needed that.

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Susan Miner said...

Angels surround you. You are blessed.