Thursday, September 26, 2013

Here's Heparin In Your Eye!

I suspect I laughed harder at this than anyone else will, but I laughed really hard, so even if you just chuckle, it's all good.

So Brad comes home from chemo on Monday with a bottle o'chemo attached to him through his port via tubing, etc.  The bottle takes 44 hours to empty, and then we go back to the hospital to have the bottle removed.  This consists of unscrewing things in the right order, shooting a syringe or two full of saline up the tubing, another syringe full of heparin up the tubing, and then removing the tubing.  It's pretty easy.  It looks easy, and we were delighted to hear that I could do it for him at home.

Last week, I watched.  This week was I did it myself, with a nurse watching.  All went swimmingly.  Saline up the tube, saline up the tube, heparin up the tube, and the nurse reached over and clamped the tube, and I took the needle out.

You know, the needle that was still pressurized?  the last tiny bit of heparin shot out of the needle at an impressive rate of speed, hitting Brad squarely in the eye.

Bright side?  Next time he throws up, he'll only get bloodshot in one eye.


Rhonda Hagloff said...

LOL! I am pretty sure you should have been my nurse when I had my many weeks of IV's.

Corbett said...

Dear NURSE S: Way to least it wasn't a fist in the eye, haha. Though he might have wanted to give you, not B.
Anyway, all sounds better these days, and I'll keep the prayers going for all of you. Love ya.