Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blink and you'll miss it

The leaves on the trees behind our house are changing colour.  Fall is in the air.

It seems like just yesterday we heard the word "cancer" and the world catapulted into a fast-forward blur of doctors and hospitals and procedures and hours spent sitting on an uncomfortable chair, somewhere, watching my husband suffer.

But here's the thing.

It's not all gloom and doom and heaviness here.  Brad has the best smile, even when he's tired.  He's got a great laugh - my favourite is the laugh that gets surprised out of him.  It's not quite a giggle, but it's really close.

Right now, his pain is manageable, he's got a job that he can do from home (thank you thank you thank you Jesus) and we still love each other, truly madly deeply.  There's lots of lightheartedness here.

I just thought you should all know that, too.


Rhonda Hagloff said...

I seem to recall from days past, Sue, that wherever you went, laughter followed. What could be better than that? "A merry heart doeth good, like medicine." Praying for joy and continued laughter.

Gibbons Community Services said...

I remember having similar thoughts Sue. Cancer is a word, not a sentence. It can rock your world, but ultimately it's just a word. I remember laughing a lot, even during chemo treatment. It made things bearable.

Make a joyful noise!

helen said...

I love to read your blogs, Sue. Thanks. Could we get on Brads email list as well?

Carolyn said...

Day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute...LOVE, healing, hope.
Prayers are yours. Nothing is impossible - with God.