Monday, June 03, 2013

What's the collective noun for grace notes?

So if you are my friend on Facebook, you may have noticed that sometime last fall, I started posting pictures and statuses labelled "Daily Grace Notes."  There has been much past darkness exposed to healing light this year, and while that's a very sweet sentence, there have been some very very dark days.  Grace notes are my way of beating back the darkness, a way to remind myself that no matter how bad it is or was or will be - there is still light, and Light, intermingled, and that every day holds the potential for a moment of surprise or delight.  That those moments, no matter how fleeting, offer reprieve from the anguish, and embody a promise for more reprieve, more reprieve, more reprieve.

Long preamble to a grace note that was too long to type in a Facebook status.

Very hard weekend here, but Saturday's moment of light included visiting my Mom while my brother and sister-in-law were there with their oh-so-articulate granddaughter.  She is just barely two - sitting across the table from me, her tiny hands clasped together, she asks me "Are those your glasses?" 

"Why, yes they are." I tell her.

"Would you like to put them on?" she counters, and I put them on top of my head and she grins, a big wide grin.

(That's not the grace note.  That's just Novah.)

We ended up in the back of my brother's Jeep, driving back to our house, and Novah started to fret a little.  I know she loves music, so I started singing "My Grandfather's Clock" wondering, as I did so, if it was making any difference to her, or if I was just singing to entertain myself and annoying everyone else.  She did seem to calm a little though, and when the song was over, she said, in her lovely little-girl-silver voice:

"That was a nice song."

And even though that was two days ago, it's still today's grace note.