Sunday, February 10, 2013

There's a metaphor in here somewhere

I've been thinking about childhood toys lately and just a few days ago, I remembered a rag doll I had that I loved and loved and loved.  Anyone out there remember Holly Hobbie? She came to boarding school with me when I left home at 15 ...and the last I'd seen of her, she was dirty and almost hairless.

I started looking for her, and after begging TechnoGuy to unearth the big black trunk that had followed me to school and back forever, and jimmying the lock, there she was.

She was just as dirty and hairless as I'd remembered.  I stripped her clothes off and threw her in the washer on "delicates" - and opened the washer to find that she was still pretty dirty, and a hole in her side had opened up and there was foam all over the washer.

I took her out and looked at her, and decided I had an office, that has a bed on it, that she is welcome to sit on for the rest of my life.  I sprayed Shout on her face and tried to scrub it ...old fabric.  Oops.

(you can see just how much hair she had left in this picture ...)
I slept on it, decided to either glue gun a felt heart on her face or something.  She was drying out on the edge of the bathtub, and the Shout had actually lightened the stains on her face considerably. 
After church today, we had a rare Sunday when we all went our separate ways, and I came upstairs and started rooting around for felt.  I found iron on tape, and made her a bandage.
Then I played around with yarn, trying to give her hair.  (there's a little bit of yarn in our house)
Ironed her clothes and took her downstairs for some glue gun action, and a little braiding, and ...

She's not what she was when she was brand-new, but I'm pretty jazzed by how far a little TLC can go.