Saturday, January 26, 2013

For the WIN

Here's how to get tomorrow's supper ready today (unless you are the kind who Plans Ahead.  If you are that kind of person you don't need my advice.  This is for people who look at the clock every day at four and think "Really?  time to cook AGAIN?  Didn't I just DO that?"  For thirty years, supper has come as a surprise to me.  You'd think the surprise would have worn off by now.)

1. Sleep in.

2.  Have a really nice low-key day.

3.  Do math thusly:

"okay if A has be at Point Z by 7 and B has to be at Point Y by 7, nobody has to leave here until 6:30, so I should start supper at 4:30."

4.  Start supper at 4:30. 

5.  At five o'clock, have one of your children come dashing into the room saying "ACK!  I have to be there at six!!!" 

6.  Do math thusly.  "Some of us have to leave here at 5:30 then."

7.  Heat up leftover lasagna for your spouse, and cook frozen perogies for your children.  Wait to eat till everyone's done and have some lasagna AND a few perogies yourself.

8.  Calmly finish assembling the casserole you were assembling before  Step 5.

9. Smile the whole time you are doing dishes because DUDE!  tomorrow's supper is DONE.

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