Thursday, October 04, 2012

In which I appear to be in a manic phase, even though I am not bipolar

- So yesterday I walked almost 3 km, with the dog.  (by the time we got home, the dog was doing that thing she does with random driveways.  She just walks up the drive and looks back over her shoulder at me, like, "Hey, I know!  How about we live here now?")  Six months ago I didn't walk around the BLOCK because "I couldn't."  Shows how much I know.)

- today I was on hold with Shaw because our cable wasn't cabling, and I was running a bath, and I noticed that the garbage cans were full unto overflowing so I started gathering up garbage and then I noticed that something had interrupted me in the middle of folding clothes ...

and I laughed at myself and tried to remember that really, the bathtub was the Next Thing because bathtubs overflow, and then I thought ...

how long has it been?  since I just got up and did what needed to be done, and then the other thing that needed to be done, and then the other thing?  and how long have I been gone?  I mean, here, but gone?  and even though I know, I KNOW, there is a lot of sadness ahead because therapy is like that, and we're nowhere near done - for today, for this moment, can I just say it is really really really good to be back?  for however long that lasts?

- also I would like to point out that I am 20 lbs lighter than I was three months ago.  (it's an odd diet.  Im calling it the "Moving Back Into Your Body" diet, and when I talk about it, I sound like a touchy feely flake, because it's ...well, it's like that.  I'll talk about it some other day. When I believe I haven't just accidentally shed 20 lbs in water weight.)

Also the bath water is done and so I am going to jump in it. Enjoy that visual.  You are welcome.

And turn off the TV, which scared the pants off me (well, it would have if ...) because I turned it on to make sure the cable was still broken and then the cable got fixed and then there was a little old lady talking in my bedroom while I was folding clothes in the living room.

Also my dog is cute.

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Marcia said...

Susan you make me smile and laugh and then smile again.
Love you! :)m