Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walking, wounded

Couldn't decide whether or not that title needed a comma ...

So I've been walking around the lake with my dog, because I do as I'm told, and the therapist spends a lot of time encouraging me to get out of my head and live in my body.  I was resistant, at first, because I'm not a fan of this body (Asthma.  Infertility.  Arthritis.  Curly hair.  The list of grievances goes on and on ...)

However.  I have long recognized my penchant for living in my head, and sometimes thought maybe there was a better way to do things. 

I knew I couldn't walk, though - my knees would never take it.

One night last week, I clipped the dog to a leash and started out.  We meandered around the lake, looking at the birds and the sky and talking to little old men named Ken, (total aside:  Ken's dog, who was not with him, is a cross between a DOBERMAN and a CHIHUAHUA.  First of all - how?  and second, who thought that much bad attitude was necessary in an animal?  "He had issues for the first few years", Ken told me.  Shocking.)  So basically Toopka and I would go on this lovely ramble every evening, and my knees weren't complaining.

And then T, the woman I used to babysit for, called one night.  "Going for a walk.  You coming?"
Yay!  A friend!  We could ramble together.

I forgot one thing.

T is the woman who called me on her day off to say "I'm bored. Can I come and power wash your house?"

She stomps around the lake like it's something to be CONQUERED.  I still sit down, but it's not to gaze at the sky.  It's to catch my breath while she bounces and stretches.

And knees still aren't complaining.

For the first time in a really long time, I'm asking my body to do something and it's complying.

I can't even tell you how good that feels.


Anonymous said...

Keep asking. It's listening.

Unknown said...

Your body, curly hair and all, is very smart. It knows what you need. I'm glad you're listening.

I like your hair.

Unknown said...

That comment about your hair, by unknown. That was me. Kay.
Apparently google is mad at me.

Carolyn said...

Hey my friend...been listening quietly to you now...praying, and watching your blog. Now, I can say I believe "you're on track" keep it up. You are a "whole" person, so take care of ALL of yourself, then there's balance, - body, soul and spirit - Someone said that, and I think HE had the smarts about that! Do love you - ALL of you! C.