Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Vacation Post #1

We have taken to the road for a few weeks in search of malls and amusement parks, in an effort to find something that each of us likes to do.

TechnoBoy and I like road trips, so we're headed to a mall far from where we live.


When the kids were little, I used to sing a wee song to them - "If you can't say something nice/Shh! say nothing/Take a bit of good advice/Shh, say nothing!"

They revised it.  They would start to bicker while we were driving, I would sing "If you can't say something nice - " and they would interrupt by shouting "SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!!!"

At least it stopped them bickering.

(this part connects the previous parts of this post)

Today we were at Wall Drug (thriving because of the water torture method of advertising.  Two hunderd signs in 50 miles - you just have to know what it is.)  So because we wanted to know what it was - actually, we knew.  A didn't.  We didn't tell her.  So because A wanted to know, we ended up at Wall Drug eating pie and the children, who are now long and lean and lovely, were goading each other the way teenagers do, over their pie.  I started to sing "If you can't say something nice.." and then I stopped, thinking someone would say "shut your piehole" and the goading would stop ...

There was a longish silence, as A refilled her fork, and then she said "But I need my piehole right now."

Long and lean and lovely and really very funny.


Anonymous said...

Wicked funny! Nice one, A!


Marcia said...

You need a 'like' button on your posts.:)

corrie said...

Mmmm... I could use some pie for my pie hole right about now!

Anonymous said...

Only 1 post...must have been a short vacation...