Friday, August 24, 2012

Solvitur Ambulando*

*it is solved by walking

I came home alone this evening - A is at camp, and B and B were out buying hockey equipment.  I didn't want to be home alone, so I took the dog for a walk.

As I mentionned in an earlier post, I am sad these days.  Seeking a therapist to help with burgeoning anxiety issues has kicked open my own personal Pandora's Box ...I cling to the fact that the last thing out of the box was hope.  Nevertheless, these are stormy days.

I head down to the lake with my happy dog bouncing along in front of me.  "Jesus, come with me", I beg.  It's a lovely soft evening, full of fresh rain and newly-washed grass, trees in their full summer splendour.  Just ahead of me on the path there is an older man, limping along slowly.

The dog decides to befriend him.  He has a wonderfully kind face, and I strike up a conversation.  (it's sort of my superpower.) We walk together for half an hour, talking about dogs and hiking and perseverance, and as he climbs into his car and I head up the street, I find I am singing out loud.

And what I am singing?

"Isn't the love of Jesus something wonderful, wonderful, wonderful ..."

Thank you, Ken from Ogden, for being Jesus in my life this evening.

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Unknown said...

You are so loved. And not just by me. :)