Sunday, May 27, 2012

In which A pokes fun at herself.

I like where I live because it cools down at night.  I spent four years living in California and the heat nearly killed me.  I'd huddle in my airconditioned home and whimper about snow.  (not really)

Our daughter, on the other hand, is most comfortable when it's 30C or above.

As you can imagine, this is fun when we're in the same vehicle together.

Also evenings, here at home, when I go around the house and open all windows, especially the ones on the top floor, so it will be deliciously uncomfortably cool come morning.

Last night A was upstairs for something and I asked her to close my office window. 

She came out and said "Did I really just do that?  I closed your window, and then I locked it, and then I lowered the blinds just enough that they were hiding the window lock, thinking that maybe that would make it so you couldn't find the lock."

Only 16, and already she's figured out the "out of sight, out of mind" parenting trick. 

Next she'll be telling me she bets I can't beat her to the car when she wants to leave church before I do ...

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