Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So today I'm napping at noon, trying to shake a five day migraine. 

The phone rings, and my mother asks "Are you coming?"

I squint at the clock.  Its 12:3o, Tuesday afternoon.  I don't go see her on Tuesdays because a lady comes to read to her Tuesday evenings, and she likes to conserve her energy for that.

"Did I say I was coming?" I ask.

"You left a message with the nurse saying you were coming to take me out for lunch, and you 'd be here at 11:45."

I do some math.  She's been out of bed, dressed and ready to go for at least 45 minutes.  The last time she out of bed and wearing clothes was definitely not in THIS calendar year.  She doesn't like to be up and out of bed.

"You want to go for lunch?" I ask.

"Well I'm ready, aren't I?"

So I jumped in the van and took my Mom out for lunch.

I still have a migraine, but Mom and I got to go out together.

A happy little surprise in my day.  We may never know who the original phone message was for!

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Marcia said...

A God-incident perhaps. :)