Monday, April 30, 2012

Sometimes it's like that

My BIL tells a story about taking his son swimming as a very young child.  He'd been paddling about in a small kiddie pool for several minutes and my BIL wanted to introduce him to the bigger swimming pool.  The closer they got, the more agitated my nephew became, insisting "Daddy, I don't NEED to go in the big pool!"

I often tell a story about taking a young boy for a ride on a city bus.  He was two, and in love with all manner of large wheeled conveyances.  Riding the bus sounded like a good idea when we were inside the house, but not nearly as good an idea when we were standing at the bus stop, and the bus was closing in on us.  "No, no, no" my small companion began to shake his head.  I picked him up, and when it seemed like I was just not catching on to his meaning, he grabbed my face with both his hands, looked me directly in the eyes and shouted, "NO!"

That's a bit how I feel when I think about marketing a book I've written.


Colleen Taylor said...

I know what you mean.

Tony Eldridge is most helpful and encouraging in this way:

Myrna said...

Sometimes you just have to push through the "No". Many times my son refuses to do something that I know he will like/be good for him. Once he's actually been made to do it/eat it etc. He almost ALWAYS thanks me for making him try against his better judgement.

Push through the "No." It's worth it.