Thursday, April 26, 2012

Housekeeping for the haphazard

I've spent the past few weeks trying very hard to focus on the book.  Focus does not come naturally to me, and what generally happens is I either uber-focus on something and let everything slide, or I neglect everything equally, so that small bits get done, but never enough for anyone to notice.

Last week Thursday, at noon, my beloved spouse texted me "forgot to mention.  Derkson coming for night tonight." 

I looked at my house and fainted. 

And then got mostly everything done.

And remembered that I am much more productive when things around me are in some semblance of order.

It was a lovely three days.

Today the kitchen needs attention, and the clothes folding fairy has lost my address and I sat down to work on the book and couldn't decide what to do first so thought maybe I should just play a game of something online while I figured out where to start.  I stopped, and gave myself a stern talking to, reminding myself how effective this approach has been in the past.

I walked in to the kitchen and set the timer for twenty minutes.  I decided that I could do whatever I wanted in the kitchen, I just couldn't leave it.  Loading the dishwasher and thinking this would go better with music?  Is there a CD player in the kitchen?  Then by all means, crank up the tunes.  (there's no crank.  It's a figure of speech)  Need to pee?  Too bad.  You can wait a few minutes. Need  a drink? You're in the right place.  Composing a blog post in your head?  Oh well.

I loaded the dishwasher and was in the middle of tidying up the Tupperware cupboard when the timer went off.  I noticed that it was only 17 minutes until half past ten, so thought I 'd just wash pots until 10:30.

and lo and behold, the kitchen is done.

I just had to figure out how to trick myself into doing it.

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Colleen Taylor said...

Ooh, the old set-the-timer trick! I keep forgetting about that one. Should try it for grading speeches today. 20 minutes each, max -- or average.