Sunday, March 25, 2012


Side effects of Ventilin, which the nice man at the ER suggested I huff every 3 hours, when I'm not sleeping, until Sunday evening (ie 48 hours):

Cough; headache; nervousness; sinus inflammation; sore or dry throat; tremor; trouble sleeping; unusual taste in mouth.

When I'm not sleeping.  Well, aren't you funny, ER doc. When exactly did you think I would be sleeping?

Side effects of having a husband who snores:

          trouble sleeping.

Side effects of letting the dog out to pee at 3 am, and having her find a porcupine, and her getting to within one inch (3 centimetres for you younger folk) of the porcupine's tail before your panicked shrieking as you run barefoot through the icy shards of late winter grass:

          berating the dog out loud as you carry her downstairs to her tiny little fenced-in area
          glaring at the dog until she is good and convinced that if she doesn't jolly well pee she's kicked out of the pack FOREVER
          oh and let's not forget:  TROUBLE SLEEPING

So yeah, I'm up.

on the plus side, a pleasant side effect of Ventilin appears to be breathing easily, and there hasn't been much of that going on in the last week.

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Rhonda Hagloff said...

ah yes, Ventilin. Memories come flooding back of 4 yr. old sonny boy #3 way back in the the hospital about a week and prescribed Ventilin...he absolutely terrorized the poor nurses! And why was that? Well, it seems he...COULDN'T SLEEP!Poor hubby. Being his place of employment, he had to endure scathing looks from the nurses for ever so long...