Friday, March 16, 2012

Bits and Snits. Maybe no snits.

(aside:  I always type  It never works.  Why can't my fingers remember this?
aside#2: why have there been 4 page views today?  Who is looking at what, and why?)

And this post is only going to go ..downhill ...from there, folks.  Get out while you can.

Bit A:  I'm almost finished my book! Again!  Think you're tired of hearing that?  Pretend you are my children ...

Bit B: I just finished a scarf that is probably almost certainly my most favourite-est thing I've knit, and the best part was that the recipient loved getting it almost more than I loved making it.  And I loved making it.  I took at a dozen pictures of it in process.

Bit C:  (or Bitsy, if you prefer)  I read two very very very very extremely highly oh-so-much-with-the-very rivetting e-books today, by Bill Myers - Supernatural War and Supernatural Love.  I cried reading them both, and also, I came away with such a strong sense of God's power.  You should read them.(If you want to)  (you should want to)

Bit D:  Where is the book where you can look the stuff up about things your teenager wants to do?  With a handy flowchart of if-then-else's that will cover every scenario, and then they don't even really have to ask you, they can just tell you this is what they want to do, but they looked in The Manual and they need to change a few things before the if's and then's get them to the word YES in the lovely green box.

Bit E: I like my dog a lot.

Bit F:  She likes me, too.

(aside: I think maybe Bit D was a bit of a Snit.  We can call it Bit D/Snit 1)
(aside #2 : this post is now bookended by dual asides.  The symmetry is pleasing me.)

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