Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey! Here's something to read!

My interest piqued by this blog post, I recently bought Anne Elisabeth Stengl's books for Kindle (at least, the two that are available so far).  In the interest of truthfulness, I had actually already read most of Heartless, and then the battery on my Kindle died, and I forgot about it, and then the Kindle software moved it to Archives ...and then somebody needed a ride to hockey or new jeans or the dog needed to pee ...

And then I started reading it again, and I loved it.  I do not love the title, because, even though it is appropriate, it smacks of romance.  This is romance only in that it is fairy tale ..

And let me say - this is a brilliant book on so many levels.  As pure story - it is engaging, and involved characters I cared deeply about.  Even though the princess (it's a fairy tale! there must be a princess!) makes some bad choices with unforeseen (to her, and partially to the reader) catastrophic consequences - I really wanted things to come right for her.

And there is a cranky blind cat and a magic wood and a scene that reminded me of Terry Pratchett's "It is said that the gods play games with the lives of men.  Thunder rolled.  He rolled a six."

Interwoven through this story of dragons and princesses and the Twelve Year Market (you know you want to go read it RIGHT NOW, if it's got a Twelve Year Market ...) is a compelling, beautifully done allegory.

I moved on to Veiled Rose.  The second book in the trilogy.   Second books often feel like a bridge between the intriguing beginning and the satisfying thrill ride end.  This second book does not.  Many more pieces of the puzzle are introduced or explained or hinted at, but the story line is equally compelling and engaging, and again, the allegory is exquisite.  In fact, the allegory is enhanced by the allegory in the first book.

I bought these for Kindle, and have now ordered the first three Goldstone Wood books in hard copy, so I can have them in the church library.  I'm not waiting till midApril to read Moonblood though's available for Kindle April 1, and I know what I'll be reading at bedtime that night!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Side effects of Ventilin, which the nice man at the ER suggested I huff every 3 hours, when I'm not sleeping, until Sunday evening (ie 48 hours):

Cough; headache; nervousness; sinus inflammation; sore or dry throat; tremor; trouble sleeping; unusual taste in mouth.

When I'm not sleeping.  Well, aren't you funny, ER doc. When exactly did you think I would be sleeping?

Side effects of having a husband who snores:

          trouble sleeping.

Side effects of letting the dog out to pee at 3 am, and having her find a porcupine, and her getting to within one inch (3 centimetres for you younger folk) of the porcupine's tail before your panicked shrieking as you run barefoot through the icy shards of late winter grass:

          berating the dog out loud as you carry her downstairs to her tiny little fenced-in area
          glaring at the dog until she is good and convinced that if she doesn't jolly well pee she's kicked out of the pack FOREVER
          oh and let's not forget:  TROUBLE SLEEPING

So yeah, I'm up.

on the plus side, a pleasant side effect of Ventilin appears to be breathing easily, and there hasn't been much of that going on in the last week.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

All I need to know, I learned in kindergarten

Remember kindergarten?  Not when you went yourself, and sat in desks and connected the dots on letters and things until your brain exploded, but kindergarten when your kids went?

There was this cheefully decorated classroom, and everybody'd get together for a bit and kinda connect, and then the kids would start rotating around stations.  There was a paperwork station, and a craft station, and usually some kind of imaginative play stations, like a kitchen or a sand table ...they'd go to one or two stations, then everyone had a snack, and then they'd go to some other stations.

I'm looking around my main floor.  Over there, on the couch - no, my knitting stash did not throw up on the couch.  That's my craft station.

Over here? with the papers and the computer and the headscratching and the tongue sticking out the side of my mouth?  That's the paperwork/printing/making up a whole book inside my head station.

Behind me?  That's the kitchen.

All I have to say about that is ...not every kid in kindergarten opted to use the play kitchen.

However - a snack sounds like a good idea ...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bits and Snits. Maybe no snits.

(aside:  I always type  It never works.  Why can't my fingers remember this?
aside#2: why have there been 4 page views today?  Who is looking at what, and why?)

And this post is only going to go ..downhill ...from there, folks.  Get out while you can.

Bit A:  I'm almost finished my book! Again!  Think you're tired of hearing that?  Pretend you are my children ...

Bit B: I just finished a scarf that is probably almost certainly my most favourite-est thing I've knit, and the best part was that the recipient loved getting it almost more than I loved making it.  And I loved making it.  I took at a dozen pictures of it in process.

Bit C:  (or Bitsy, if you prefer)  I read two very very very very extremely highly oh-so-much-with-the-very rivetting e-books today, by Bill Myers - Supernatural War and Supernatural Love.  I cried reading them both, and also, I came away with such a strong sense of God's power.  You should read them.(If you want to)  (you should want to)

Bit D:  Where is the book where you can look the stuff up about things your teenager wants to do?  With a handy flowchart of if-then-else's that will cover every scenario, and then they don't even really have to ask you, they can just tell you this is what they want to do, but they looked in The Manual and they need to change a few things before the if's and then's get them to the word YES in the lovely green box.

Bit E: I like my dog a lot.

Bit F:  She likes me, too.

(aside: I think maybe Bit D was a bit of a Snit.  We can call it Bit D/Snit 1)
(aside #2 : this post is now bookended by dual asides.  The symmetry is pleasing me.)