Thursday, February 02, 2012

So then I thought, hey, I know, I'll write a blog post

I am in the middle (please may it be way past the middle) of replacing one character in my novel with another character.  The new character has a similar journey, and does a lot of the same things the first one did, but this is not a simple switching of the cloak from red to blue, as you might imagine.

Right now I am writing a blog post while my underneath brain figures out who, exactly, was in the canoe, and if it wasn't K's father, then who IS that tree in the middle of the wheat field?  As I am an essentially lazy person, the upper brain is telling me to go cast on a Wingspan shawl because oh! the colours! and the cool striping effect and wouldn't that ball of Zauberball look GREAT knitted up into one of these, but my upper brain can SHUT IT because a) I am revising a novel and 2) I don't have the right size needles (and just how is that possible? you ask.  I cannot answer you.) and iii) NOVEL.

I am blogging while the underbrain works because if I walk away from the computer, the underbrain minions blow the "End of Shift" whistle and go back to obsessing about things I can't change, like the weather, or that horrible thing I did to that person way back when and whether or not I should have a shower.  I need the underbrain to stay on task, so I am faking working.

Also it is dishcloth season so I am making several to sell at a fundraiser.  I don't actually sell the dishcloths.  I put them on a table with an envelope and a sign saying "3 dishcloths with each $10 donation" and then walk away.  The dishcloths disappear, money shows up.  It's cool.

Someday I will post a picture of a pile of dishcloths that will do nothing for anybody but me.

Our winter Wow.  I can't believe I was almost that stupid.  I was THISCLOSE to inviting a winter storm the likes of which hasn't been seen in these here parts for a hundred years.  Been a mild winter here, that's all I'm saying.  Some people are delighted by that.

And here's some good news!  My mother's broken leg is healed!  AND she got over 40 Christmas cards and she was very pleased.

And some MORE good news - my mother in law has been declared cancer free.  Time to grow her hair back in!

Back to the novel.  I like the novel today, so I think I should keep working on it, because by tomorrow I will once again be convinced that my time would be better spent anywhere but on that particular page.


Marcia said...

So glad to hear the good news about your moms. :)

Ruthie said...

Praise God that both moms are doing so well! They are both proof that He actually does answer prayer.

As to WINGSPAN, thou dost tempt me too much! I have spent the last hour looking at Ravelry and dreaming about how I can knit it and justify the yarn purchase that I would need...of COURSE I don't have the right yarn in my stash! I need to be in bed (it's 4 am) but instead I'm obsessing over that pattern. Thank you very much.

Hope your novel revisions go well. May you never see a blank white page again!