Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Small Story

I may have mentionned that I was raised in a turbulent home, by an angry, frustrated woman who did not know how to control her temper.

A woman who gave her life to God when I was 10 or 11 ...and the transformation began.  It wasn't overnight.  It wasn't even over the course of a year, or two years, but now, three and a half decades later - here is a story about my mother.

She called me from the nursing home Friday, in terrible pain.  The aides had gotten her up to be weighed, (she is unable to move on her own at all), and in the process, had hurt her knee somehow.  Saturday she was sent for xrays, and today, I discovered that she has a broken bone somewhere in her knee, and is in a cast from hip to ankle.

I waited until I was no longer angry to call her and see how she was doing.

"I feel sorry for Jennifer*" she said.  (*Jennifer is not her real name)


"The girl who hurt me.  She just forgot my knees don't bend, and bent it right back."

No anger, no judgement, no sense of entitlement, no feeling sorry for herself.

That right there, people? 

That is a woman who knows Jesus.


Marcia said...

The transformation that can only happen through Him. Praising!

joyce harback said...

And you right there? You are a woman that knows Jesus, and recognizes Him in others. Go on and make me cry first thing in the morning. :-)

Heather Plett said...

A little whisper told me to pray for your Mom this morning and I did. Before I read this post and knew something had happened. Glad I followed the whisper.

Kathleen said...

Exquisite. Just exquisite, Susan.

Michele Henderson said...

What a testimony and memory for you to cherish!

annie said...