Friday, November 04, 2011

Information Session

I think it's important, as we go through life learning things, that we pass on what we've learned to others.

Today, for instance, I have learned that a common method of aftercare for tattoos is to use a solution of rock salt dissolved in water for cleansing.

Therefore, if you have a teen who has a friend who got a tattoo for her birthday, it's just possible that one day your teen's friend will stuff a bag full of rock salt in your teen's purse.

This makes it possible for your teen to leave a bag of rock salt on her bed.

This makes it possible for the dog to find the bag of rock salt.

This make it possible for you to discover the rock salt when you take it away from the dog.

And the other very important thing I learned today? 

If you stare at the bag in your hand, and then google "what does cr@ck c*c@ine look like?" - you will find something that looks remarkably like ...

rock salt.

It is not always an asset to have a rich and lively imagination.


Karen said...

I guess the good news is that it wasn't your teenager with the tattoo,it wasn't anything more than rock salt, and the dog didn't get a chance to eat the salt- but I can certainly appreciate why your imagination took you for a ride. I think mine would have too.

I am the cheese said...

We just found two pieces of something that looked like rock salt or crystal meth on our teens bureau. My step daughter was gone for the weekend. We took it to the police. They aren't sure what it is and want us to confront her to find out. We already have a tenuous relationship with her at times. She doesn't look like a meth head but... what were we to think? Why just two pieces on her bureau? It's weird. I wish I had found your blog before I took it to the police...