Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sixteen years ago today

Sixteen years ago today someone else did all the work while I played Solitaire on my computer at work, pacing my cubicle, waiting for the phone to ring.

The phone rang at noon.  "I told them I want the freezing, and they said it's way too early for that", Z said.  "Maybe I should have done that prenatal class thing.  It's getting hard to concentrate on my card game."

It didn't ring again until long after we were home from work, long after we'd had supper.  Midnight, and we heard "It's a girl with small hands and big feet and lots and lots of hair!"

Much like Z had no idea what was in store for her in the labour room,  I had no idea what was in store for me, the day we brought her home.  All of you who've raised kids, you know - you know that even if I'd already raised a child, I'd still have had no idea what was in store.  It's all about the stretching and growing and learning and figuring out this amazing new person and how and when to be there and how and when to back off and how and when to ...the list is endless.

And it's not over yet, this ride, but as I told Z today - it still feels like there is no way to communicate how deeply grateful I am that I was invited on this ride.

May I never forget to be grateful.

I love you, A, with all my heart.  You have been a surprise and a delight from the very first time I laid eyes on you.


darien said...

I can't believe it's been sixteen years! You're old!

And I am blessed to have had a glimpse into her life. I love her too. She has blessed me in so many ways, this beautiful daughter of yours. Thank you for sharing her with me.

Happy birthday sweet A. I hope that you know how very much I love you

Carolyn said...

Happy Sweet-16th to A!
And...another A-fan!...yep, she's a winner alright. Hope you both survive the teen years (I'm SURE you will)...and find a deeper relationship yet as you get older - together!
You are all blessed to be together come to think of it!!!
Love y'all.

Colleen Taylor said...


Koala Bear Writer said...

Wow, she's sixteen already? Happy birthday to her. :)