Sunday, September 11, 2011

*whoosh* goes the summer

I saw some teens all dressed up fancy last night and thought "Grad."  and then I realized it was September and either a super early grad or a super late one.
"Homecoming" corrected the savvy American I'm with.

A man on the plane talking about his children said his twins were born September 1. 
"Oh, so they're almost 5" I said.
He gave me that look I sometimes get, the one where my mental competence is called into question.  "No, they just turned 5."

I'm not keeping up.

My son spent the summer sleeping and eating and is now taller and thinner than he was when the summer began.  I have to resist the urge to rub my eyes, blink, and look again when he walks into a room.  The change was much less dramatic with the first child.

I spent August knitting a blanket for a wedding gift, and reading poetry and prose for the magazine who lets me be on their editorial board.  I shouldn't read the submission letters, but I do.  Here's a wee tip about submission letters:

I don't need to know anything about you other than a) the title of what you are submitting b) a few of your previous publications (a FEW.  Three or four, not a full page) and c) a BRIEF bio in which you resist the urge to be cute about yourself.

That is all.


Danica/Dream said...

How did I not know you had a blog until now!! So glad to see you. Now I can catch up.

Colleen Taylor said...

"the magazine who"?

whenever i try to resist the urge to be cute it doesn't work