Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And then I thought maybe I was missing the point

So as an aside to the sermon on Sunday, the speaker mentionned that she'd heard that a good way to help lessen insomnia was to turn off all electronic stimuli an hour or so before you want to go to sleep, and do something relaxing, like knit, or read.
So an hour before i wanted to be asleep I got my knitting and sat there knitting for a few minutes and then went and got a book and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to prop the book open so I could knit AND read ...

Very relaxing.  Totally not stimulating at all.

In which I Do Math, and it does nothing to cheer me up

So I am making a gift for someone, a gift that needs to be given away in no more than eleven and a half days.  It's done in sections, and there are (20 X 300 =)6000 stitches in one kind of section and (10 X 150 =) 1500 stitches in the other kind of section.  I have done two of each kind of section which means I have already knit 15000 stitches, and I have no idea how many more of each section I have to do, or even how many I have yarn for, so that means  I have ...

eleventy-billion stitches to knit between now and next Saturday, give or take a few billion.

I don't know why I stopped to type, either.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"God bless God, sometimes He knows just what He's doing."

I don't remember where we heard that, but it's one of those silly/true things that sticks in your brain.  Especially if you're me, and you love silliness and you love truth.

Our holiday was GREAT.  So great.   I'll write about it some day soon, when I get a chance to pick a few photos.

I'm finding things hard these days, because YAY, my Mom is close enough that  I can go feed her every day and yet - sigh.  She can't even FEED herself, and because it seems everywhere I turn, someone I care about is struggling and because of things I can't talk about that keep me awake at night lecturing the ceiling and calling it prayer.

And then on the other hand, there's this enormous bright light that is the highly encouraging feedback I've been given regarding the Perpetual Novel, and unsolicited highly useful editting and advice re What To Do Next and some days I'm sort of calm and looking forward to a second pilgrimage in the same year and some days I am sick sick sick to my very bones with the knowledge that I am not worthy of this calling.

And today was one of those days, and today I got an email from someone I haven't spoken to in over thirty years who happened upon this very blog and said enough kind and encouraging things that I am crying.

You know who you are.  Today was the perfect day to get your note.  Thanks for listening to the prompting.