Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Things That Have Made Me Laugh Out Loud Recently

just got a text from the lady I babysit for:

"Someone just asked where D* got her curls from and F** said "From her babysitter!" "

Uh.  Or something.

*D - the 1 year old
**F - the 4 year old.


A and I were in Edmonton this weekend.  We were parked on a side street waiting to meet someone and a big ol' jackrabbit came loping down the sidewalk.  This struck me as funny so I pointed it out, and A made some sort of remark back and continued painting her nails.
I rolled down A's window.

A:  Don't talk to the bunny.

Me:  What's interesting is you knew I was planning to talk to the bunny.

A:  Mom.  You are challenged. Like legit.  LEGIT.***  Some of the things you do - I think to myself "Why is this woman not in a home??"

*** this means she means it, and she is telling the absolute complete truth.  Legitimately.


Judith said...

Of course you had to talk to the jackrabbit! How often do you get to do that? Go for the gusto and grab life wherever you see it happening.

And let thems who prefer to paint their nails, continue to paint their nails. But don't stop the thems who prefer a little harmless conversation with the (other) wildlife.

corrie said...

But what else are you supposed to do when you meet a jackrabbit on the sidewalk? It would have been rude *not* to talk to it.

Kay Day said...

My daughter got after me once for talking to a goose. Whatever.
What I want to know is, where you going to talk to it in English, or Jackrabbit?
I talked to the goose in goose.