Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bunnies, Talking To

I got to sneak away for 24 hours with a friend and my laptop last weekend.  Friday night to Saturday night.

When I came home, I told A that not only had we seen bunnies, but my grown up adult friend had rolled down her window and talked to them.

TechnoBoy burst out laughing.

Apparently he had overheard A talking to a bunny herself on Saturday.


Carolyn said...

Bunnies! Love 'em...I see them everytime I'm at the Univ. I talk to them all the time...they love it! What IS it about bunnies??? Maybe it's their big ears, they listen!

Carolyn said...

Bunnies, I love'em...BIG ears...they LISTEN to me when I talk to them, oh ya! N' they're cute n' cuddly too...if you can catch 'em.

pamero said... that's pretty much the best follow up story ever. Thanks for that! : )