Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Every once in a while, I post something they'll hate me for

So I just bought B a hoodie with thumbholes in it, a brandname (affordable) one, with a pocket for his MP3 player.

I looked at him.  "You're turning into a teenager!  How much longer do I have before you hate me?"

"You're okay so far," he said.  "Just don't get any weirder."

I laughed really hard, and rather loud.

"Like that."  he said.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Saturday

I can't even tell you what a perfect day yesterday was.  (but I am going to try)

I got to start the day at my own pace, and not at 6 am, either.  I had the nicest sleep in I've had in FORever, and then, as none of my company (Brads mom and her husband are here) was up yet, I sat at the wee table in the bay window of my bedroom and read.  A book.  I have so little time for reading, what with the going to bed way too early so I can up way too early.

And then I went downstairs and had coffee with my mother-in-law, who is one of the nicest, kindest, most wonderful people on the planet. And once we were all up, we played games, we watched a hockey game, we went out for ice cream to the DQ just down the street that turned into a drive to the mountains, poking around waterfalls and meandering around curvy swervy dirt roads. (note to self:  Bring your knitting, even if you are just going down the street for ice cream.  You can stick in your bag.  No-one will have to know.)

This visit is especially precious because Mom started chemotherapy last month, and is in between feeling like absolute death and getting her next shot, and they wanted to quickly take a trip while they could.  Five days before they left her husband fell and broke a rib, but a little thing like a broken rib doesn't stop him.  (did I mention he's 81?)  They DID take the 15 hour drive from their place to ours in two days this time, "just so we didn't get too tired, but really, I think we could have kept driving".  Feisty folk, the pair of them.

There are two things Mom loves about driving through back roads.  One of them is singing hymns, and we sang hymns until our voices gave out, and then we sang them some more.

The other is seeing wildlife, and I can't tell you the countless hours we have spent, in the past, yodelling and calling out windows for bears or moose to show themselves.  Yesterday I had a private chat with God, and asked Him to send Mom a moose.  I have lived in Calgary for almost 20 years.  Brad and I LOVE road trips.  I have seen moose once. 

We were counting mailboxes on rural fence posts and joking that maybe, just maybe, we should collect them and build our own moose out of them, when TechnoBoy said "Or we could just look at the moose up there on the road."  And there she was.  Perfectly silhouetted against the sky and as we got close, she picked her ungainly way across the road, stopping at a chest high fence, which she then stepped over with almost no effort.

My mother in law is the first person in my life that loved me unconditionally.  (caveat - there may have been others before her, but love is not what Mom does, it's what she is.  She's the first place I noticed it.)  The first time I met her, she was watching at the window as TB and I drove up, and she came tearing out of the house, to MY side of the car, wrenched the door open and gave me the biggest hug in the universe.

Whatever happens in the next several months, I have this, this perfect gift of a day with her, and birdhouses along fence posts to remind me of it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ahh the love.

So A and I are driving home from somewhere, and I have just booked my Castle getaway and I am in a great mood.

I am, well, bubbly, in a great mood.

A looks at me, and asks a question and I burst out laughing, and then say "Ok, just to make sure I get this right for the blog - did you just ask if there is actually anyone in the universe who finds me funny?"  (this is a paraphrase)

A nods, grinning.  "Yep that's what I asked."

I tell her there are indeed people who laugh at my jokes, in my presence.

She shakes her head.  "There's always those few who ruin it for the rest of us."

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bunnies, Talking To

I got to sneak away for 24 hours with a friend and my laptop last weekend.  Friday night to Saturday night.

When I came home, I told A that not only had we seen bunnies, but my grown up adult friend had rolled down her window and talked to them.

TechnoBoy burst out laughing.

Apparently he had overheard A talking to a bunny herself on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Things That Have Made Me Laugh Out Loud Recently

just got a text from the lady I babysit for:

"Someone just asked where D* got her curls from and F** said "From her babysitter!" "

Uh.  Or something.

*D - the 1 year old
**F - the 4 year old.


A and I were in Edmonton this weekend.  We were parked on a side street waiting to meet someone and a big ol' jackrabbit came loping down the sidewalk.  This struck me as funny so I pointed it out, and A made some sort of remark back and continued painting her nails.
I rolled down A's window.

A:  Don't talk to the bunny.

Me:  What's interesting is you knew I was planning to talk to the bunny.

A:  Mom.  You are challenged. Like legit.  LEGIT.***  Some of the things you do - I think to myself "Why is this woman not in a home??"

*** this means she means it, and she is telling the absolute complete truth.  Legitimately.