Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gleep. Does this count as writing?

Hey hi.

It's very messy at my house but march right in, if you'd like.  I need company.  The Sane One is out of town, on a whole different continent, and I'm going a little squirrelly.  The kids are still here, so I'm getting dressed on a regular basis, and not eating condensed cream soup straight out of the can with my fingers, but still - too much time in my own head.  I really really really should not be left in charge.

Also ...

YippeE!!!  I knit a pair of fingerless mitts!  I love the one I didn't lose!  I love it that I wore them a whole total of about ten minutes before I lost one!  And I actually do love it that I lost the one where I made the thumb hole too big.  It's a pattern I made up myself, so it's not as precise as some might be.  The written out bit uses the word "approximately" a lot, so even though I was making a copy of one I already had, the exact numbers of rows was iffy at best.  The pattern is much more accurate now.  It reads "so do that bit until the resultant thumb hole will be bigger than the first one you made but smaller than the second one you made."  And I added this line to the end of the pattern:


There's no way that can't work.  I may be haphazard but I do like to read the directions.

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Lynette said...

Not having seen Brad since 1979, I may not be qualified to evaluate your description of him as sane. However, "sane" is an absolute, versus saner or sanest, which are indicative of appearing somewhere on the sanity spectrum rather than implying complete sanity. Of course, my own status on the continuum is questionable, if, in fact, quantifiable at all.

Oh, and it sounds like you need one of those mitten strings that run up one sleeve, across your shoulders, and down the other side. :)