Friday, April 15, 2011

By Way of Saying Thank You for answered prayer

I looked around my messy house.  I hobbled to the easy chair, looked for the heating pad, couldn't find it, laid my head back on the headrest and blinked away tears of exhaustion and frustration.

"Lord", I whimpered, inside my own head, "Please help.  Help me find the stamina to get this cleaned up, and help me have the impetus to get started. It's too far behind for it to be fair to ask the kids to do it."

The front door opened.

"Mom," said B, "This house has gotten out of hand with the messiness.  If C and I spend a few hours cleaning, can we have a sleepover tonight?"


Ruthie said...

You have a great God watching over you...and great kids too! See? God DOES hear a mom's prayer!

Kassi said...

As K says (perhaps not quite as poetically as you would put it) - "don't ask, don't get".

You have amazing kids - do they give lessons? lol

Anonymous said...

I read this above post and thought of you.

From a reader of your blog