Friday, April 29, 2011

DUDE! That was a miracle!!

So A has a shirt she wants to wear later today, and last night as she was trying it on and putting together the Outfit, she spilled something with blueberries in it on this lovely white shirt.

Last night I attacked it with laundry soap (which turned the spot blue instead of purple) and then Shout and then scrubbed it with a toothbrush, all the while being very careful to use cold cold water so as not to set the stain.

This morning the stain had faded considerably but it was still there.

My friend who is visiting from Ottawa, darien-the-commenter, walked into the bathroom and asked what I was doing.

"Trying to get a stain out of this shirt."

"What is it?" she asked.

"Blueberries", I grimaced.

"Oh fruit stains," she says.  And proceeds to pour boiling water over the stain.

People, if you do not have a stubborn fruit stain on something white, I suggest you run right out and get one, just so you can watch the beautiful beautiful miracle of hot water erasing it before your very eyes.

The shirt is in the dryer, the wardrobe crisis has been averted.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I should blog once in a while

Gah.  It's just so up and down with the emotions in this head.

I think I have decided to attempt to move out of my own head on a more regular basis.  I am not sure what that means.

I think that I have realized that I am possibly, and more than occasionally, too controlling as a parent and a spouse.  (TechnoBoy is reading this thinking - well I don't know what he's thinking.  I think he's likely tiptoeing away carefully lest I see the astonishment on his face.  Yes, darling, I have finally figured out why you occasionally use the word "Nag".  Also, you are a saint.  Thanks for sticking it out.) Controlling works with two year olds who are hitting the dog with a shovel - and even then it is not appreciated.  Someone asked me "What would it look like if you just abdicated, and said to your husband "okay you're in charge of (pick an area)?"  And inside my head I shrieked "He might not do it the same way I do it!!!!"  And then "Dude.  Lighten up."  and also "yikes.  Who says you have to be right?"  And then quite suddenly I was terrified.  What if I'm not right?*

And then I wrote it down to read later when I'm feeling a need to see what on earth I blather on about here, so that I will run into this post and remind myself that yes, yes I have a tendency to try to make the universe get in line behind me and my idea of how things should run.  IN FACT, the other day I asked myself "why don't you just pray about (thing with a child that is being frustrating)?" and I answered myself "well I tried that but He's not making (the child) do what I want her to."

Yeah that's the point of prayer.  Tell God how everyone else should act, and then snap your fingers at Him, and tell Him to get right on that.

*(Yes I am seeking help from professionals. Don't leave me advice. It will make me want to scratch my eyeballs out. From the inside.  And that's just messy.)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who put that there?

"Love keeps no record of wrongs."  1 Cor 13:5b NIV

Maybe it's always been there.  How come I just noticed it today?

Friday, April 15, 2011

By Way of Saying Thank You for answered prayer

I looked around my messy house.  I hobbled to the easy chair, looked for the heating pad, couldn't find it, laid my head back on the headrest and blinked away tears of exhaustion and frustration.

"Lord", I whimpered, inside my own head, "Please help.  Help me find the stamina to get this cleaned up, and help me have the impetus to get started. It's too far behind for it to be fair to ask the kids to do it."

The front door opened.

"Mom," said B, "This house has gotten out of hand with the messiness.  If C and I spend a few hours cleaning, can we have a sleepover tonight?"

Monday, April 11, 2011

The fingerless mittens are pouting

I don't love them as much as I did a few days ago, because I tried to knit wearing them.  Left hand is fine, right hand is wanting a slim fit version.  Good thing i did all that pathological sock yarn acquisitioning ...

And want to know what I'm thankful for?

I have been married dang near 29 years and I still really really really really really really miss my husband when he's away.


Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gleep. Does this count as writing?

Hey hi.

It's very messy at my house but march right in, if you'd like.  I need company.  The Sane One is out of town, on a whole different continent, and I'm going a little squirrelly.  The kids are still here, so I'm getting dressed on a regular basis, and not eating condensed cream soup straight out of the can with my fingers, but still - too much time in my own head.  I really really really should not be left in charge.

Also ...

YippeE!!!  I knit a pair of fingerless mitts!  I love the one I didn't lose!  I love it that I wore them a whole total of about ten minutes before I lost one!  And I actually do love it that I lost the one where I made the thumb hole too big.  It's a pattern I made up myself, so it's not as precise as some might be.  The written out bit uses the word "approximately" a lot, so even though I was making a copy of one I already had, the exact numbers of rows was iffy at best.  The pattern is much more accurate now.  It reads "so do that bit until the resultant thumb hole will be bigger than the first one you made but smaller than the second one you made."  And I added this line to the end of the pattern:


There's no way that can't work.  I may be haphazard but I do like to read the directions.