Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh hi. Let's pretend that last post was a few short days ago

1. Wow.  I shouldn't be a writer, except for the fact that I am, and I can't fix that now.  I'm sort of stuck with it, but yikes.

2. I have been spending a lot of time inside my own head.  I have a vivid imagination and no self-discipline, which means that half the time I'm "writing" I'm actually staring off into middle distance thinking about supper and what would happen if I burned it and what if the fireman who came while the house was burning down looked exactly like my cousin Timmy and I called him by Tim's nickname (Boomer) and his eyes filled with tears because his brother was named Boomer and my dog bit him.  (that him can refer to anyone.  If I were critiquing that I would "referential ambiguity with the pronoun, yo" (without the "yo") but here I'm just sayin' "pick a him.  It's not like there was a narrative flow to start with.")

3. I have worked out that I might actually finish my book someday.  In fact, I have set myself a goal for when I will finish it, and thereby terrified myself into knitting and pretending my laptop has been sent away for repairs.

4. I am teaching a poetry class which is so much fun I can't stand it.  It's a little bit too much fun at the moment, but I'll get over that, and it'll go back to being just fun enough.  Maybe.

5. Yesterday afternoon I wound a small skein of cashmere into a wee ball to make a lovely lace scarf with.  Well yesterday afternoon and evening and long into the night.  I make a bit of a mess of it, and I was determined not to break the yarn.  It took ...a very long time ...but I am happy to report no yarn was broken in the winding of the cashmere.  For a lot of that time, I had good conversation and good company.  Then everyone wanted to go to sleep and I had just the dog, who was snoring.  And this morning I started the scarf I want to make with it, and lo, it is pretty.  And the three year old I look after looked at the pattern and at my scarf and said

"Oh I like the one in the picture better." and I compared the two and they were exactly the same.
"How is that possible?" I asked.
"Well I thought you were making a white one", she said.
"but I have blue yarn."
"Yeah, I was curious to see how blue wool could make a white scarf.  But" and she sounded just a bit disappointed in me "I guess you aren't even going to try that."

6.  I need to go do errands.  Like - now.  What are you hanging around here for?  Go read something profound about someone's deeply held beliefs.  What are you hanging around here for?


Marj Drury said...

I am hanging around reading because I just love your stuff...I so relate to that burning desire to write but the lack of discipline to actually do it. When it happens, I am overjoyed,well almost.

Thanks so much for your candid view inside your head. It isn't so much that it is scary...it's just way too familiar!

Colleen Taylor said...

That three-year-old sure is laugh-out-loud funny!

Addy Oberlin said...

I can relate to quite a few of your views. Sometimes I feel I need to quit being a writer. However the urge to write keeps coming back..... and I'll just keep doing my crafty stuff on the side.

Bailey said...

oh, THANK-YOU for relaying the scarf story!

corrie said...

Oh, the possibilities are endless when you're three...

Kay Day said...

Maybe if you could make a white scarf out of blue yarn you wouldn't have to be a writer anymore. Maybe you could.... do something else.