Friday, March 04, 2011


Dear Dog:
Wow.  Thanks for not chasing the deer that was on our lawn at 3 a.m.  You really DID have to go!

Dear Deer:
You are very pretty.  Hang out on my lawn any time.

Dear Weather:
You suck.

Dear Mean Person in My Dream:
a) the sweater I was making in my dream?  WOULD SO FIT ME.
b) I'm not making a sweater out here in the real world, and yet I am still annoyed with you.  How does that work?

Dear Child Who Intercepted The Call From The School Reporting Your Absence:
That is WAY up there on the Not Cool scale.

Dear Child Who Woke Me Up To Watch You Hurl Not Once, Not Twice, But Three Times Last Night:
I love you too.

Dear Universe:
Please be gentle with me today?  I'm low on reserves.

ETA:  Dear Blogger:  Seriously?  DO NOT EAT THIS POST.  Is "Publish" so tricky?


Karen said...

Oh dear!

Kassi said...

My favourite is still the child who called school pretending to be her mother to report that she would be absent cos she was sick ... forgetting that her mother is one of my best friends and that I KNOW her voice :)