Monday, February 14, 2011

I lied about the slipper

The slipper is in time out.  It does not have the right number of stitches on it, and although I tried to tell myself that it was a SLIPPER for PETE'S sake, so what if there are two stitches LESS on this one???? ...I couldn't do it.  I now have to pick back the finished slipper to the start of the decrease rows and figure out what I did, because the pattern is incorrect and I don't remember how I altered it.

I hate knitting.

In other news, all the dishcloths I have made this year were sold at a fundraiser Friday night.  Yippee skippy!  If you want to buy some dishcloths - don't look at me.  Go find a craft show.  Mine are nicer than those ones, but I'm not making any more just yet.

I am, however, considering setting fire to the rest of the dishcloth cotton in my stash.*

In other other news, I really like the little girls I babysit.  If I were just sitting at home trying to write a novel, nobody would ever say to me "Can we please please PLEASE go to the grocery store?"  And when I go to the grocery store by myself, no-one evers asks me "Do you want to know what the funkiest car in Cuba was?"  And when I'm in my house, just me and the dog, I never walk into the kitchen and find someone gluing paper wings to their brand new running shoes.

(I had to take a picture.  She was so heartbroken to be told that brand new running shoes weren't craft supplies.)

And if I was smarter than my new phone, I could even show you the picture.

*It's not really a stash.  Other people have a lot more stash than I do.  I have ...yarn that I totally plan to absolutely make stuff out of.  And some for petting.

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