Thursday, January 13, 2011

why this insistence on titles? it's a BLOG POST.

So here's what happens when it's cold outside and I have to deliver flyers.

1. a lot of whining in my head
2. a lot of praying for stamina
3. an annoying amount of overassessment of how my knees are, or how my back is

ie.  I dread it.  I look at the weather report and try to figure out if I have enough warm clothes to wear and when I start out I shiver before I even leave the house.

And then I do the flyer route, shedding layers of cold weather wear like dandruff, until I'm down to three shirts and a scarf and a hat and only one pair of mittens ...and it takes me about an hour (sometimes more.  For instance, today I took extra time to pile all the flyers into the back of my van, drive four blocks and then open the back of the van and watch the flyers cascade onto the snow covered street.  Exactly what I was hoping would happen, because then I got to pick them all up again and figure out how to transport them without an instant replay)  There is plenty of cheering self-talk for the half i do without B (I do some while he is still in school)  Although today I sort of messed up on the cheering part of that.

"Sue," I said.  "It's only exercise. Nobody ever died from exercise.  Well, except that one time your Dad cleaned the snow off the driveway..."  And then I was glad no-one could hear me.

And then suddenly I am done the flyer route and I feel like I am made up of 100% Awesome.


Marcia said...

100% awesome ... of course you are!

darien said...

yeah, that's what I was going to say but Marcia beat me to it. Hi Marcia!

Koala Bear Writer said...

My hubby likes to tell the story of his uncle, who was told by his doctor to start walking everyday. He went back a month later and his doctor was amazed at his improved health and asked what he'd done. THe uncle said, "Well, if I hafta walk everyday, someone can pay me to do it. I got a paper route." :)

Hope a Chinook blows through for you soon but in the meantime, at least you are very good at telling stories about it. :)

Slow'n'Steady said...

I like you. A lot.

Ruthie said...

All I can say is that you are a brave and courageous soul! Yup. 100% awesome!!