Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scrabble conversation with my mother

(Aside:  Mom always asks how to spell things.  Spelling things wrong is her super power.  My Dad used to mess with her mind, for example:
Mom, writing a shopping list:  How do you spell Metamucil?
Dad:  M-E-T-A-L M-U-S-C-L-E.
Which Mom would faithfully write down and then crumple the list up and throw it at him.  Good times.)

It's my mother's turn in Scrabble.

Mom:  How do you spell (mumbled)?

Me:  Clawed as in ripped your face off or clod as in chunk of dirt?

Mom: QUAD.  As in with a Q.

Me:  Q-U-A-D

Mom (disappointed)  Oh.  I needed it to be Q-U-R-R-D-S.


Kristin Roberts said...

This made me laugh so hard I got lightheaded. Then I composed myself to show my mother. Just as she was starting to read it, I burst out into laughter again after the fact. I managed to contain myself pretty well until she was through and laughing just as much as I was. The anecdote about "metalmuscle" was fun enough, but "Q-U-R-R-D-S" was fantastic.

ccap said...

I think if it were indeed spelled that way it would be my very favorite word.

Also... can sooooo visualize your father and mother's interaction on that one. Smile.

Robin said...

At least she tries. My husband actually makes up words and then tries to convince others of the definition. FROSTYRAPER was his best one yet. I won't tell you what his definition was. :0