Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How To Make Supper

My way.  Some of you just go into the kitchen and make supper.  I wish I were you.

Go into the kitchen. 

Look around alot and pour yourself a glass of water.  Think while you are drinking the water.

Remember you are there to cook supper.

Get out the frying pan, put the hamburger in it.  Add a spice or two.

Watch hamburger fry.

Realize you are bored and go get the dishcloth you are knitting. 

Knit and stir hamburger.

Answer your cell phone and ask whoever it is to call you on the home phone, reasoning this will buy you enough time to finish your row.

Answer the house phone and start opening cans of things to make the hamburger into chili.  Sigh as you put the knitting down because you seem to have misplaced your third and fourth hands.

Spill baked beans on the floor and step in them.

Hang up the phone.

Clean up the baked beans, throw a lot of things into the pan, and pick up your knitting.

Leave it just "on the bubble" for as long as it takes to make an entire blog entry around "oh gross I stepped on baked beans!"

Fetch the offspring and eat.


pamero said...

Whoa. Supper sounds like wAy more fun at your house than at mine.

Marcia said...

I can just see the look on your face when you stepped in the beans. teehee. I shouldn't laugh... should I? ;)

Laurie said...

i like the part where you said how when you go into the kitchen and get some water and then drink the water and then you have to "remember you are there to cook supper", so unbelievablely accurate and human. I know that exact spot where i do that in my kitchen,the difference being is that i go way overboard to create some sort of messy kitchen that can feed many people, and i'm only cooking for 2.

Kassi said...

That's why I love summer so much ... everything is just BBQ and salad :) Men do the BBQ-ing, and the kids can make salad :) :) :)