Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello, I have been sleeping

And babysitting and knitting half a dishcloth (I know right?  SLOW DOWN with the frantic knitting output, Plett.  Half a dishcloth in a WEEK?  By the end of the year you will have ...SIX of those babies.  What will you DO with them all?) and delivering flyers (I deserve Stellar Plan of the Year Award for that one) and making lunches, (some of them for very short people who tell you what they want by walking up to you, making eye contact and nodding carefully, even if they have not been asked a direct question) and teaching a class and locking myself out of someone else's house, with someone else's children in a stroller gazing at me in wide eyed wonder.  And driving people to piano and work and dance classes and talking to banks on the phone and handing out hot chocolate to homeless people downtown.  (Best day of the year so far, the hot chocolate thing.)

Some of those days there has been NO COFFEE.

On all of those days there has been no blogging, but let me just tell you, if I had the confidentiality aspect of blogging about other people's children and downstairs room-mates and housekeepers settled in my own mind, there would have been blogging.  Even thinking about Thursday makes me want to both lay my head on something soft and weep, and ALSO giggle hysterically - and then there was Friday.  "Fridays are a little crazy at our house" I always say, but now I know the truth.  Friday HATES me, until about 6 pm, when it suddenly remembers how nice I am.  Friday is a tantrumming toddler who notices something bright and shiny and musical at around 6 pm, but not before it has spent the rest of its time kicking me in whatever body parts it can reach.

And now I am going to go knit another 1/200th of a dishcloth.  Christmas is only eleven months away!

(Oops, J-L, I meant your slipper, I'm totally going to knit your slipper, because THAT Christmas is only a month away.  In the other direction.  That Christmas totally wins.)


Kay Day said...

I love how you can take absolutely nothing and make it sound so interesting!

Addy Oberlin said...

I am with you Susan, but my days are not as full as yours. I put off my journaling since Christmas, but suddenly I just had to go back into it. And it brought a release.
Does the knitting not relax, even if it is a little?
By the way, I still have 7 sets of baby caps and booties to go. Then I should make more slippers for my girls before I see them in April.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when i was going to get my slippers. Looking forward to getting them.


Koala Bear Writer said...

I second Kay Day. :)

I've joined a knitting group here and am learning to knit... or, to knit SOMETHING rather than just knitting. Maybe I'll try a dish cloth... :)

Me! said... have been wake up already m'lady...we miss you're blogging~!