Sunday, December 12, 2010

Well that was an interesting day

Without a lot of boring preamble, let me just share with you one of those Mom moments I didn't see coming.  We'll tell it from the point of view of the old couple I startled.  I have no idea what they said, I'm just guessing.

"What is that hanging from the fence post?" he asks, as he pulls the car into the driveway.

She follows where he's pointing.  "Shorts?  Maybe?"

The shorts are white, they sort of blend in with the snow all around.

A large, cranky woman roars up in a minivan and stomps out of her vehicle.  She snatches the basketball shorts off the fence post, and notices the couple watching her.

"Teenagers!" she growls, and drives off.

(Dropped them.  On the way home from a friend's.)


Later that day, as I was sitting high up in the stands at A's basketball game, knitting a dishcloth, a woman about my age joined me and struck up a conversation.  Extremely friendly woman.  The first thing she said to me was "Look at this church!"  I looked up and she was holding out an iPhone.  Church was in Gary, Indiana, apparently - gorgeous church.
So we talked and talked and talked and every so often she'd cheer for A's team (her daughter wasn't playing till later) and one thing led to another and before I knew it she was knitting on the second project I had in my bag, for when I was finished with dishcloths.  Or needed a change.
And then A's game ended and she was reluctant to give up the knitting, so we exchanged cell phone numbers and agreed to meet for coffee Tuesday.
Last night she texted me.  "I've run out of yarn - where can I drop this off?"

Easiest Christmas knitting I've ever done!


ccap said...

Well ain't that cool! Do you think if I took some gift wrapping to Abby's Christmas concert someone would help me out?

Ruthie said...

Wow! How cool was that!! I wish someone would help me with my Christmas knitting...I am SO behind it ain't funny!!

And glad you made a new friend, too. That's the priceless gift!

Kristin Roberts said...

This is super happy. Although I thought that the woman at the game was going to turn out to be the "old" grouchy one who stole the shorts in the first place.

pamero said...

Nice! You've now given me courage (and even encouragement?!) to knit in public. Thanks!

Koala Bear Writer said...

Love it when you find a kindred spirit like that! Sounds like fun! :)

And Merry Christmas, too! :)