Wednesday, December 08, 2010

In which I type a lot, and possibly say something

Wow, am I driving a lot for someone who isn't supposed to be driving. I think the pain that originally sent me to the ER sans clothing is now gone.  However, it may be working its way up my body, as I am now sort of almost always in pain of some sort that feels exactly like someone has been kicking me in the back.  A lot.  If I bend over to do anything like tie shoes or load the dishwasher or dress myself, there is a sharp spike in the pain that causes me to say GNURGH!, loudly, and freeze for a few seconds.

It's very entertaining. I've decided it will be helpful to lose 100 lbs by Friday.  My mother asked how that was going for me, and I said "It's only Wednesday!"

Meanwhile my house needs to be cleaned and Christmas needs to happen, somehow. When I start to panic about the mess, I remember that when I *could* clean my house, I often didn't.

BUT!  My mother!  and I have had two lovely outings in the last week.  She lives very close to both a dentist and an eye doctor, so I've been taking her out for maintenance (hee) and then we've been going to lunch, etc.  Today we finished up with the cutest little bowls of gelato you ever did see.  So nice to be doing something with her besides sitting by her bedside.

Also got lost last night trying to pick A up from a friend's house - lets pretend the address was 8446 Overhere Road.  The GPS delivered me to house number 8446 at the corner of Overhere Road and 86th St.  So I sat outside for twenty minutes, knitting dishcloths in the dark, not wanting to nag, and finally called the house and told them I was sitting right outside.  More minutes passed.  I went and rang the doorbell, and a very large, very pink, very round, very shirtless bald man answered the door and said "you're at 8446 86th St.  8446 Overhere Road is two houses east."

WAY TO GO, city planners.  NOT AT ALL confusing.  It's not like I wouldn't get lost left to myself, you know.  You don't have to make efforts to make it harder.

GNURG.  Time to go.  I GNURG'd at the chiropractor's today and he offered to put my shoes on for me.  What I said out loud was "There are limits to my willingness to be helpless" but what I thought was - Not while there is breath in my body.


Kay Day said...

My son frequently puts my shoes of for me. But he's not my chiropractor.
My chiropractor never offers.

Slow'n'Steady said...

I think that would be the equivalent to "foot-washing" in the biblical sense.

UlrikeGrace said...

You do so make my day! I'm sorry you are still struggling with your back but oh my gosh how you view things is phenominal! Love you and am praying for you. Hmmm a man kneeling at your feet...think about that Susan...

Karen said...

Phoebe has taken to putting my slippers on my feet, although if I'm not paying attention she also comes along and pulls them off and wears them herself. It is a bit confusing.

Hey, did you offer the round pink man any knitted dish cloths?

Kassi said...

The day will come when you can do your shoes without the noises :) Then the next challenge is staying down there long enough to paint your toenails :)