Monday, December 06, 2010

Also? Blog fodder

So I like it when TechnoBoy has been driving the van because he backs into the driveway and I don't have to step out into a snowbank.  A few days ago it occurred to me that I could try backing into the driveway myself even though I am quite sure that backing up AND aiming the vehicle at something, both at the same time, is ...beyond me.

So I backed in. Broke ...nothing.  Did not hit the garage, did not run over children or stray dogs, parked close enough to the edge of the driveway that TechnoBoy can back the other vehicle, the pampered one, into the garage.

So I have been continuing to back in.  The stomachache at the mere thought of it has receded to just the slightest pinching, and this morning, as I was backing up in the dark after running a way-too-early errand, I had to take a few tries.  I berated myself then said out loud:

"The important thing is that you are trying it." 


"And more important?  There is no-one awake at this hour of the day to watch you."


ccap said...

Did J-L contact you and tell you to do a post about backing up a van in a driveway? Did he?! 'Cause if he did that's just CRUEL. He told me he wouldn't mock me anymore so he's having YOU do it?! Sigh. Also, when you come to Manitoba at Christmas can you please not stare and snicker at our van side mirror?

Kay Day said...

I scraped the side of our car all up one time getting into the garage. Someone said, "Yeah, backing up can be tricky."
Um... I was going forward.
So... whatever. In my book you got super skills. I don't even try backward!

Robin said...

I think I just peed my pants. :)