Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh look a blog

I haven't been blogging.  I'm waiting to see if I can get my sitemeter "average hits per day" to zero. 

Not really.  It's just the older your kids get, the fewer cute things they say.  And sometimes when you sit down to write all that wants to come out is an inarticulate scream or possibly just sobbing ...and that's not what I do here.  I'm PollyFrickinAnna and I plan to stay that way.

The dog is ...nutty.  I've been at home with a backache forfreakingever and now when I leave the house for an extended absence of say, twelve and a half minutes, she greets me upon my return as though I'm the first rain in the desert for seven years.

What's terminally cute is the neighbour's daughter, who is about 8?  7?  has put a sign up on our mailboxes saying "I walk dogs.  I walk small dogs.  I walk them around the pond.  I charge $2.  I love dogs!"  and listed her phone number.  And then there is a helpful drawing of a dog just in case you don't know what kind of animal she is referring to. (both her older and younger brothers have made appearances on this blog over the years.  I'm glad they live on our street.)

It has been 2 million and 5 degrees below zero here, with a windchill of minus waymorethanthat, and she calls every day.  "Does Toopka need a walk?"

Indubitably, honey, but she also needs all the body parts she is currently in possession of. 

Oh hey, here's a thing!  Speaking of the Family Across The Street, we have this thing going on where if I have no butter I call them and if they have no taco shells they call me and if I have no bread ...you get the picture. Sometimes I bake cookies and send some of them across the street.  Sometimes my mother in law bakes buns and I send some over there, because who could walk by our house and smell that and not have a moment of pure longing? It's magic.  I make a call, a small person shows up at my door holding the missing item.  Or I get a call and there is a small person on my doorstep holding out their hand.  I like this arrangement.  Makes me believe we're not all so barricaded into our separate houses that we can't be accessible to each other now and then.

My mother in law was visiting the other day, and we needed evaporated milk, which - can you believe it?? - I did not have on hand.  I called across the street, a small person showed up bearing the goods.

Later that week, my mother in law came in from the grocery store with evaporated milk.  I blinked at it in confusion.  "We need more of this?"
Mom gestured across the street.  "Oh but you need to give it back to the neighbours."

While this is a perfectly reasonable expectation, I'm sure they were just as bemused as I was.

I'm glad they live on our street.


Kassi said...

Any chance of posting the helpful picture of the dog? I'm really curious now ...

Ruthie said...

Glad to see you are still in the land of the living! I know that patience...they tell me...is a virtue and that I truly lack it almost all of the time. But I say to you to be patient if you can. You WILL get better and will dance at your kids' weddings. Of this I have no doubt. (I may lack patience, but my faith is doing fairly well.) I just had knee surgery and am on bedrest until Thursday. Sure is good for the back...NOT!! So I'm eating my words to you I guess. *sigh*

Robin said...

Very cute. And it's nice to be able to depend on your neighbours now and again. I didn't know people still did that. Thought that was left for small towns where everyone knows everyone.

How is your novel coming?

Colleen Taylor said...

I'm glad they live on your street, too. I wish I lived on your street and that working and planning a wedding, etc., etc., wasn't making it so complicated to stop in! Or that your backache wasn't making it so hard for you to get out. In the meantime, I'm glad for your blog.